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Puppy University

We want your puppy to feel comfortable in the grooming salon and enjoy coming in for their groom rather than fear it. It is very important to desensitise your puppy to the grooming environment, you can do this by introducing them to grooming as soon as he/she is fully vaccinated. The more they come in the more they will realise that there is nothing to fear. The Puppy University Package is the perfect way to train your pup into the perfect student. 

Puppy University – Apply Now

Starts from 14 weeks old. The duration in between appointments is maximum of 1-2 weeks. This is very important in helping your puppy desensitise to grooming.  We only accept puppies under 6 months old for Puppy University.

5 Introductory Sessions to Grooming –

Small Breeds £115 – Shih Tzu, Maltese, Lhasa Apso, Yorkshire Terriers and Westies.                                                                                                                  Medium Breeds £125 Cockerpoos, Miniature Labradoodles and spaniels.                                                                                                                                    Large Breeds £150 Labradoodles, Newfies, German Shepherd and Leonbergers. 

  1. Comb out, Nails and Socialisation.
  2. Comb out, Nails, Feet, Face and Bottom Trim and Socialisation.
  3. Comb out and intro to the dryers, Hygiene Trim and Socialisation.
  4. Bath and Comb Out.
  5. Full Groom

All Puppy University Students get a certificate when they graduate and photo in their graduation hat.

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