Kitten University


Cats are extremely sensitive animals that is why it is super important to get them used to grooming from as young as possible. We want your Kitten to feel comfortable in the grooming salon and enjoy coming in for their groom rather than fear it. It is particularly important to desensitise your Kitten to the grooming environment just as you would a puppy, you can do this by introducing them to grooming as soon as he/she is fully vaccinated. The more they come in the more they will realise that there is nothing to fear. The Kitten University Package is the perfect way to train your Kitten into the perfect student. 

You can enrol your kitten from when he/she is fully vaccinated. The duration in between appointments is maximum of 1-2 weeks. This is particularly important in helping your Kitten desensitise to grooming.  We only accept Kittens under 6 months old for Kitten University.


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4 Introductory Sessions to Grooming –

  1. Comb out, Nails trimmed, Ears Cleaned, Socialisation and bond with your Groomer.
  2. Comb out, Intro to handling of paws, Intro to the sound of the Clippers, Intro to the sound and feel of the bath.
  3. Intro to the sound of water in the bath, Sprinkle of water on their paws, Nails and Ears cleaned if needed, Intro to the dryer and being fluff dried.
  4. Bath and Fluff Dried, Comb through, Nails cut, and ears Cleaned, Graduation Photo and Certificate


Prices Start from £85 for Short Haired Cats and £95 for Long Haired.


Cat Treatments


We also offer Natural De-stress and Calming Cat Package. (+£8 with a Groom)

Made of Natural ingredients to help calm and soothe you feline friends. Often you’ll find cats get very greasy so we start the treatment with a pre wash treatment which helps to remove oil and grease, then we will bath your cat in the calming and smoothing shampoo to help relax and calm your kitty. After 2 relaxing scrubs we will finish the bathing process with a conditioning spray to help keep your cats coat in tip top condition and leaving them smelling fresh.

Not all cats will be suitable for the bathing process so we now have the Natural De-stress dry bathing Treatment which helps to remove any excess dirt and oil from the coat using 100% natural ingredients and a warm towel wrap. (+6 with a Groom)


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